Market place discusion


the planned market place ?
does it already have a name?
this name is a huge factor for its success !,
so should be chosen carefully.
something like Straks market wont do for sure.
it must be both logical and catchy.
something like “Planet Straks” for example.
a name like this raises immediate curiosity to it.
the subject by is selves needs its own tread I think,its surprising its not there yet…

for its success it needs rules.,(you don,t want it to be a darknet like monster).
this should be debated.

I also think and certainly, for the beginning, the market should be guided for what is placed upon it.
like not too much junk like products but sensible things like solar panels ect.
but how do you get those sellers right away?
and why do these sellers want to sell on this market?
so what incentives does it needs?

etc etc etc.
please discuss the success of the coin lays here in my opinion.

(this is a copy/paste from Discord as Sonny said this was a better place for it)