Marketplace escrow


Well, the marketplace is in development but I still have a question,

  • how will it work?
  • Does it will have escrow?
  • How do the users make a ticket to resolve a dispute?
  • Will the user pay directly to the seller like fiat and then the seller sends the item?
  • Ebay clone or not?
    Too many questions :slight_smile:


Hello @zeroerrordev2.

It will have an scrow system of course.
If there’s a dispute, users will be able inform moderators that there’s a problem with the operation.

The buyer sends the payment to a pre-generated address (escrow), then the seller sends the item.

Once the buyer receives the item, he tags the operation as completed, and the payment is released and sent to seller’s address. If the user doesn’t tag the operation within X amount of days the payment will be automatically released and sent to the seller.