New Member of The STRAKS Web Development Team


We are pleased to announce the addition of a new member to the STRAKS development team:

Sonny (sonny#6820) - Web Developer

He has extensive experience working with web development and affiliate marketing research in his professional life. He has various industry connections and will come on board to develop the marketplace with Bruno, and drive further initiatives to help grow STRAKS.

Please give him a warm STRAKS community welcome!


If you are interested in joining the STRAKS team, a brief direct email to [email protected] stating how we can contact you and your fit for the role applied for is all that is needed. Please note that you will not be interrogated via a formal interview process. We are simply looking for individuals who share the same passion as the team for cryptocurrencies, blockchain, and STRAKS.


a bit late but better late than ne’er heartie.
hope ye enjoy yer selves makin’ doubloons fer us
greetin’s from Amsterdam.