STRAKS Specifications

SegWit and SegWit2x active, Lightning Network compatible, Atomic Swap compatible and an increased non-SegWit block size of 4MB; introducing the first Masternode-enabled digital currency based off core Bitcoin version 0.14.2. STRAKS endeavours to eliminate unwanted transaction malleability through SegWit activation from day 0; solves capacity constraints suffered by Bitcoin and its peer group through a larger non-SegWit block size and increased signature operations - effectively introducing SegWit4x; is Lightning Network compatible - supporting instant payments, scalability, low cost and cross blockchain transactions; proposes a fair distribution through a Zero Start Instamine Protection (ZSIP) policy and Zero Start Masternode Reward (ZSMR) policy; introduces a new unique Masternode payment re-balancing algorithm, labelled Reactive Equilibria (REV1); and furthermore, implements a modified version of the new effective D106 difficulty re-targeting algorithm

Block Size: 4 MB
Max Block Size Serialized Size: 16 MB
Proof-of-Work Algorithm: Lyra2rev2
Block Time: ~60 seconds
Coin Maturity: 100 blocks
Transactions Per Second: 133 (Bitcoin: 3, Bitcoin Cash: 27, Dash: 13)
Transactions Per 24 hours: 11,520,000
Difficulty Retargeting: New D106 Algorithm
Maximum Coin Supply: 150 Million
Treasury Funding: 5% Per Block
SegWit: Active
SegWit2x: Active
SegWit4x: Active
Lightning Network: Compatible
Atomic Swaps: Compatible
Masternodes: Enabled
Masternodes Collateral: 15,000 STAK
Masternode Reward: Rebalancing via New Reactive Equilibria (REV1) Algorithm
ZSMR: Explicit Masternode Decentralisation Promotion [Zero Reward to Block 50400]
ZSIP: Zero Start Instamine Protection [7 Days:** 10080 Blocks]